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Unifor Local 414 is gearing up to negotiate a new contract for nearly 4,000 members working at Metro stores throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

The current four-year collective agreement is set to expire on July 13, 2019. Over the past several months, our union held meetings across the GTA (and ran an online survey) where members could submit their ideas on how to improve working conditions in our stores.

The proposals we received are unsurprisingly bold. Our members work incredibly hard, and are the driving force behind Metro’s remarkable financial success. They are proud of the work they do, but feel left behind. Wages for many full-time workers have not kept up with the cost of living. Schedules are still too erratic, with paid sick days taken away. Disruptive technological change is looming. There is an over-reliance on part-time work and a need for more full-time jobs.

Unifor is looking to build on our recent bargaining success. We are looking for a fair deal with Metro. Follow the links below for information and updates on the bargaining process, or send us an email at: 414contact@uniforlocal414.ca.

Unifor Local 414 Bargaining Committee

Gord Currie – President, Unifor Local 414
Tony Falcone – Vice-President, Unifor Local 414
Christine Connor – Unifor National Staff Rep
Keith Osborne – Consultant, Local 414
Joanne Murphy – Staff Rep, Local 414 

Deb Henry – Store # 752
Mary Leonard – Store # 720
Michelle Charles – Store # 325
Helen Love – Store # 728
Joanne Valliere – Store # 758
Vito Renda – Store # 804
Renee Gloyns – Store # 720
Kim Coughlin – Store # 334




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